Success Stories

From p/t job to f/t business

I met Sue (not real name) as she was working p/t for a local company but very much wanting to start her own business as a graphic designer. As many new business start ups Sue certainly had the specific skills and in her case even plenty of creativity but was very unsure on how to turn her skills into a real, full time and profitable business. Major issues that came up were focusing on a clear series of products/services, developing an interesting business proposition, elaborating a successful business plan that would not only provide clarity to her but be good enough to allow her to secure appropriate financing, develop a clear price strategy and her USPs. We also looked at time management, business networking, business growth and development, marketing and advertising strategies as well as effective and distinctive branding. It was great to see Sue gradually grow to acquire the control of her business, master the essential skills and therefore find a good customer base which enabled her over a period of a few months to leave her p/t job and be totally focused on her own successful business.

How do I do it?

John (not his real name) came to me because he had been working for a large building company and he had enjoyed a good time with them. However he now felt the desire to start his own business. "How do I do it?" was his initial question. And that is the BIG question of many who seek my help through the School of entrepreneurship. John had a solid experience of many years and he had received great feedback from satisfied customers as part of he large company; but what about being on his own? Over a period of several weeks we looked together at creating a viable business, developing a simple but effective business plan, developing a services and price structure, developing a marketing and advertising strategy as well as his networking awareness and skills. The result was that over a period of time John was able to acquire the basic necessary skills and the business he wanted to start is now going from strength to strength.

From council worker to business owner

Jane (not real name) had been for many years a council employee rising to the level of junior management. But she had finally come to the decision of "wanting to do something different" as well as "being my own boss." When I met her she had just started a small "home based" travel agency as part of a much larger national franchise. And although the franchise had provided the specific travel base and operational training she was totally unaware as to what it meant to have her own business and what actually all this was going to work effectively and profitable. Therefore my intervention was very much to help her first of all understand business and all the implications of having one's own business both in legal, financial, tax and accounting aspects. An important part of the development of her business was focused on developing the customer base and an effective and pro-active customer support, something that she had realized wasn't very good at. As for many self-employed people and owner managers, time management and organizational skills became an issue; I was able however to coach her to manage time and organization in a far more effective, practical let alone humane way. After the initial training and coaching Jane asked me to mentor her for a few months more in order for her to reach the confidence she needed to run what has no become a successful business