About us

About Alex Tana

Alex Tana, the founder and director of the School of entrepreneurship, is a qualified, experienced and successful business development, growth and branding specialist with over 16 years of experience with people of all backgrounds wanting to start a new business as well as with micro to SMEs (Small and Medium Businesses). Having started several businesses of his own, which he later passed on to others, he is very familiar with the whole process of business life from conception and development of the idea to its creation into a real profitable business as well as all the many phases and aspects of a business. His invaluable knowledge, experience and kills gained over many years make him an essential support for anyone who is seriously considering starting a new business or wanting to ensure that their existing business is efficient and profitable. His approach is always to fit his intervention around the needs of the specific client rather than offer a bog standard approach (like his competitors do!) and to use a variety of different means such as business coaching, training, mentoring, personal development, life coaching, NLP and team building depending on what might be best for the specific client. Alex Tana has has several years been one of the "Ambassadors for Entrepreneurship" for the NCE (National Centre for Entrepreneurship) and over the last 4 years one of the business advisors for Young Enterprise with his team winning prizes for the last two years.

About the School of Entrepreneurship

Being the owner and boss of your own business is one of the most humanly rewarding experiences in life affecting not just your income but your professional and emotional life too. Some of you may be starting your entrepreneur's life just coming out from formal education, some of you may have been employed for years and suddenly you may have lost your job through redundancy or business closure. Some of you may have decided that at long last you want to work for yourself and turn your goals and dreams into reality. But where ever you come from, what ever is your background the School of entrepreneurship is for you! This unique school in the Uk will help you to:

  • understand how business works and the challenges and rewards you may be facing
  • train you, coach you, mentor you and advice you (according to your specific needs) to acquire those skills to run your business effectively
  • turn your business idea or project or expertise into a real, living business
  • identify a powerful vision and mission for your new business
  • develop a clearly structured business plan specific for your business
  • identify SMART goals for your business and develop effective strategies to achieve them
  • identify clearly your products/services and formulate an appropriate price structure
  • understand your competition and how to develop winning strategies
  • develop your USPs (Unique Selling Points) and to brand your business right
  • formulate clear and business specific marketing plans to promote your business
  • develop leadership and interpersonal skills as well as communication and people skills
  • link up with suitable external support such as solicitor, accountant, web designer, graphic artist etc as required
  • identify appropriate sources of funding if required

and much much more! Just look at what we can do for you.